Composite Ver. Ka Gurren Lagann

so where should I start…

ok,  I’m just gonna write down some points about this beauty:

– when I hold it, it feels heavy, solid and not cheap

– the paint job is good and what makes this Composite Ver. Ka Gurren Lagann looks alot better than Ver. Ka Lancelot is the Lining, although the Wash is quite messy but it still looks great

– the joints also good, no loose joint

– the articulation is… well, it’s not revoltech

– the detail is… AMAZING!!!

– money well spent

now for some pictures

Height comparison with Gunpla MG 1/100

with SOC Voltes V


Plamo Evangelion Unit 01 -Awakening Version- (Rebuild of Evangelion 2.0)

My first Evangelion Plamo!

ok… actually its my second, but the first one was the third Angel “Sachiel” plamo from 97 and it was from Bendi…

and I threw it away… So Yay!! my first Eva-Plamo!!! 😀

The Evangelion Plamo seemed to be sidelined because of the  success of the Evangelion line from Revoltech and Robot Damashii, and I also can’t find any review about the latest Eva-Plamo, only managed to find some reviews about Eva-Plamo from Rebuild of Evangelion 1.0 on youtube.

The articulation for the abdomen is great and Bandai seemed to have fix the loose abdomen joint from the Eva-Plamo Rebuild Eva 1.0

All Evangelion Model must be able to do this

Does this turn you on?

Seamless elbow joint, looks great but the articulation is limited though…

Limited shoulder movement….

Good thing its taller than 1/100 Gunpla

now for some pose pics

oh, yeah… this is the real color…

another loot

can’t stop looting…..

Revoltech Evangelion Eva-05

Shiawase wa~  aruite konai, da~kara aruite yuku ‘n~ da ne~
Ichinichi, ippo. Mikka de sanpo. San~po susun~de, niho sagaru
Jin~sei wa, one-two-panchi…

This revo kinda hard to pose and the right arm is stuck… can’t rotate it inward outward

and the cable connecting the shoulder to the back keep standing in the way while posing

Revoltech Evangelion Eva-02 “The Beast”

It’s one of the best Revoltech ever made IMO.

I really love the detail, the articulation also great as always from revoltech but the best thing is the gushing blood effect accessories, let’s see if Robot Damashii can top this.

Bigfoot Dangan-Ou


1/100 Astraea

A simple build, only snap fit + lining and lil bit detailing with H-Eyes parts